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Production Capability

The plant list below is not exhaustive, and Arrose Engineering has a flexible investment policy. Arrose Engineering would consider investment options that would facilitate more economic manufacturing of customer products on a firm order basis.

Please do not hesitate to call us on 01422 846222 or you can email sales@arrose-engineering.co.uk if you require any further details.

CNC - Arrose runs a number of CNC lathes, mainly Nakamura and Mori-Seiki models, with fixed head employing up to 250mm chucks and 51mm diameter bar capacity. The majority of fixed head CNC lathe's have driven tooling. 

CNC-Sliding Heads - Star and Tsugami sliding heads up to 26mm capacity.

Multi-spindles - Arrose have multi-spindle lathes of up to 2 1/4" diameter bar capacity, including pick-off and threading for high volume products.

Cam-autos - Arrose utilise a range of cam-auto lathes with capacities up to 16mm, 25mm and 42mm bar ranges. On machine pick-off, back deburr / slotting etc is available.

Capstan Lathes - Capstan lathe capacity at Arrose Engineering is 8” chucking, and 54mm diameter bar.

Milling - Arrose operate a number of horizontal production millers - including rise and fall capabilities – with table sizes from 400x150mm to 1400x300mm.

Drilling - Arrose have a number of conventional production drills – from 1mm diameter high-speed to 32mm diameter – including multi-drill head production.

Additional Facilities - In addition to the facilities described in detail above, Arrose Engineering have in-house facilities for the following:-

riveting, vibratory deburring and assembly.


In order for Arrose Engineering to offer a comprehensive service, we have a network of suppliers that offer the following facilities:

Plating, anodising, heat treatment, welding, polishing etc

Arrose Engineering rarely produce batches of less than 30, so a good relationship has been developed with a small batch specialist to ensure that a comprehensive service can be offered - either through Arrose Engineering or directly with the specialist.


  • Continuous Investment
  • Continuous Staff Training
  • One Stop Machining
  • Batches of All Sizes & Types
  • One Supplier For All
  • Supplier to Range of Industries
  • Excellent Quality Track Record